💉Does Botox Causing Bruising?

Is Barbie’s ass plastic? Anytime you have a needle in your face, which is full of blood vessels, veins, capillaries, and arteries, you are at risk for a bruise. Although we use the tiniest tuberculin needle for Botox, we walk around vascular minefields, so a bruise is always possible.

Taking supplements that thin your blood, such as fish oils, vitamin A, ibuprofen, and aspirin, significantly increases the chances of bruising. If somebody goes to work out, has coffee in the morning, or has a caffeine supplement drink, they are more likely to bruise. I always try to “blame” the client when I create a bruise (to protect my bruised ego!) but sometimes it’s my fault. If I could see-through skin, I would prevent all bruises; unfortunately, that’s impossible. Although bruising can be minimal, plan on it if you ever have a needle in your face.

Pre Care Instructions:

  • Discontinue aspirin, ibuprofen, ginkgo Biloba, garlic, flax oil, cod liver oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or other essential fatty acids at least one week before and after to minimize bruising or bleeding.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, niacin supplements, high-sodium foods, high-sugar foods, refined carbohydrates, spicy foods, and cigarettes 24-48 hours before and after your appointment. These may increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.