🤑How Much Does Filler Cost?

Filler cost depends on the product type, the clinic you’re going to, and where the clinic gets its product from. Some fillers, such as Voluma, last longer than others and are slightly more expensive than other technologies like Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus. People use different types of fillers, like Versa, RHA, and Restylane, which have different price points as well, and most clinics get different prices on these from the manufacturer.  

Because medical spas are for-profit businesses, they have to make a profit on their filler as a cost of goods. The higher they pay for the filler, the more you pay as a client. However, if somebody is buying their filler overseas or on the black market clearly, they could get a better deal on these and then pass that on to the consumer, but that is unethical and unsafe. Also, if you are going to a super fancy building for your treatments with high staff volume, remember that this is often included in your filler price.

Depending on your location, you will find a wide range of filler prices, like Beverly Hills, which will charge more than a small town medspa. Be sure to choose your provider based on a referral from a friend or family member or through your homework and research on your possible injector. Getting a “deal” on your filler is usually never a good idea.