Can I Get Botox Around My Eyes?

You can get Botox around your eyes cautiously. For people like me that smile with my eyes, I use very little Botox around my eyes and use other modalities such as lasers, peels, and skincare to keep this part of my face vibrant and healthy. Too much Botox around my eyes makes me look frozen and gives me a weird-looking smile (remember, you smile with your whole face!). If I put too much on the edges of the eyes and not under the eyes, then the under-eye area gathers and wrinkles up. When you come in for your Botox, it’s a learning curve for both of us (you and your injector) to see what works best for you and our best technique and injecting you. This is especially important around the eyes, which can sometimes give an undesired aesthetic. I do love it occasionally. My approach to Botox around the eyes has been to treat it every other visit, so I treat my crow’s feet twice a year, whereas I treat my forehead and in between my brows four times a year. Again botox is not a bathrobe-there is no one size fits all!

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