How To Get Rid Of “Smoker Lines”

Isn’t it frustrating when you have smoker lines and have never smoked? It’s a common problem. It causes frustration because there is no quick fix for this issue. It’s something that we see all the time, and it’s almost as frustrating for us as your provider as it is for you, the patient.

Smokers’ lines are often caused by pursing the lips, which can be from drinking through straws, smoking, pursing your lips, or holding your lips in such a way that creates lines when you speak. There are various solutions to this, and none of them are perfect.

You can try things like

  • Botox on the upper lip relaxes the muscles that create the lips pursing, relaxing the lines but not taking them out completely.
  • You can fill above the lip into the lip lines with filler, leaving you with the filled-in wrinkle, but the crease is still there. 
  • You can also laser this area, but this typically requires a series of lasers to ablate or “shave off” the wrinkle. Laser is my favorite option as it gives you a semi-permanent solution to the problem; however, it requires good skin care and patience as it’s done in a series of 3 + treatments. 

My favorite approach is the multi-factorial approach which would be a laser, Botox, and filler combination. We want you to get the right treatments for your concerns and skin type. Book an in-person or virtual consultation and get a personalized treatment plan to keep you looking and feeling great! Remember, we offer all lasers at our Rocklin location and injectables in Rocklin, Sacramento, Alamo, and Grass Valley.