How do I contact the clinic?
  1. Text 1-844-730-1623
  2. Call 916-223-9361
  3. Email info@beyouthful.com
How do I book my appointment online or through the App?
  1. Visit the booking website or download the App
  2. Select your location (Rocklin, Sacramento, Alamo, Grass Valley)
  3. Choose your service (Botox, Injectables, Laser, Body Sculpting, Consultations)
  4. Select treatment that you desire. Each treatment has a description guiding you to select them appropriately
  5. Select your provider if available for your treatment
  6. Select the date and time of your liking
  7. Select BOOK NOW
  8. Register using your phone number or email and create a password or sign in if already registered
  9. Fill out the information required to save your credit card on file (this is a requirement to book your appointment. If you cancel within 48 hrs. of your appointment or no show, we charge $75)
  10. Confirm your appointment
How do I cancel my appointment online?
  1. Visit the booking website or the Be You Medical App
  2. Log in
  3. Select your name on the top right
  4. Select appointments on the left-hand side
  5. Select upcoming appointments
  6. Select cancel and leave a comment then submit

Note: If your appointment has already been confirmed, text the clinic directly to cancel. The system will not allow any changes once confirmed, so you must call/text. 

What are the locations and hours of operation?

Rocklin – Monday-Saturday 9 am-5 pm

Sacramento – Tuesday-Friday 9 am-5 pm

Alamo – Wednesday-Thursday 10 am-6 pm

Grass Valley – Wednesdays 9 am-5 pm

How can I find your office?

Rocklin Clinic- is located inside the W Salon Suites building facing Granite Drive. just right of the Studio Movie Grill. – Map

Sacramento Clinic- is located in the Pavilions shopping center across from the Williams Sonoma Store in the Studio 55 Salon building (with black awnings) on the first floor.-Map

Alamo Clinic- is located in the W Salon Suites Building in the Safeway shopping center near Pete’s Coffee. – Map

Grass Valley Clinic- is located on the bottom floor across from South Pine Cafe – Map


Who should I schedule a consultation with?

We have a team of consultants to meet with you to discuss injectables, lasers, and skincare. There is a $250 charge for in-person and virtual consultations that can be used towards your treatment or product. Body sculpting and contact-free consultations are complimentary.

    What are the social media handles for Be You Medical providers?
    Are you hiring?

    We have minimal staff turnover, so we do not typically have any openings. Dr. Selene hand-picks her staff members based on her relationship and history with them.

    BYM doesn’t offer mentorship or training programs at this time. If you’re looking for training on aesthetics, we recommend Pallette by Allergan Aesthetics.


    How do I book a Botox/Dysport appointment with Dr. Selene?

    Dr. Selene only sees patients for Botox and filler combined appointments in Rocklin and Sacramento. To book an appointment with Dr. Selene, there is a $1,000 minimum.

    Example: Book 1 syringe of filler and Botox (minimum of 32 units); you will hit the minimum required for an appointment.

    What are BOTOX Clinic Days, and How much do they cost?

    Botox Clinic Days are dedicated days with our registered nurses & nurse practitioners, where you can get Botox for $9/unit for 60+ units or $10/unit for anything less than 60 units. This is by appointment only.

    When are Botox Clinic days?

    Rocklin – Thursdays 9a-6:30p

    Sacramento – Fridays 9a-5p

    Alamo – Wednesdays 10a-6p

    Grass Valley – Wednesdays 9a-5p

    Can I choose my provider on Botox/Dysport Clinic days?

    Unfortunately, on Botox Clinic days, you will not be able to choose/request a specific provider.

    What should I do after Botox/Dysport?

    You can find pre and post-care instructions here. https://beyouthful.com/pre-and-post-care/

    What is the recovery time for Botox/Dysport?

    Botox is a non-invasive treatment with little to no downtime. You can find pre and post-care instructions here.  https://beyouthful.com/pre-and-post-care/

    Do you numb before Botox and filler?

    We don’t numb before Botox treatments. For filler, you have the option of numbing before your appointment, and we recommend it. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to apply numbing cream.

    How long after my Botox treatment can I get a touch up?

    If you need to be reassessed, please wait 14 days (2 weeks), then reach out to the clinic to schedule a touch-up appointment on a Botox Clinic Day, preferably, and a provider will assess you in person and determine your treatment.

    How long will botox and filler last?

    On average, Botox can last approximately 3-4 months for 60+ unit dosing. Filler can last six months to 1+ year, depending on where it is placed, how much product is used, and volume lost. Your provider will discuss this further with you at your appointment as there are many variables.

    What kind of filler do you offer?

    Our clinic mainly uses hyaluronic acid fillers such as the Juvederm and Restylane family of fillers. Your injector will determine which filler to use based on your areas of concern and desired results.

    What should I do after filler?

    You can find pre and post-care instructions here.  https://beyouthful.com/pre-and-post-care/

    How do I book a filler follow-up appointment?

    Please book with the same provider, allowing 2-3 weeks AFTER your filler appointment.

    Book under the consultation tab “follow up.” Please contact the clinic directly if it is a medical emergency before that time frame.

    What is the recovery time for filler?

    You can expect to swell and bruise for the first two weeks post filler. Please read the pre and post-care for a list of medications to avoid before your treatment to reduce bruising. https://beyouthful.com/pre-and-post-care/


    Do you numb before laser?

    Yes, we numb you before SOME of the lasers, including (Clear and Brilliant, CO2, Vivace, Profound, and Sublative). We ask you to arrive 30 minutes early to numb for the Clear & Brilliant, Sublative, and Vivace.  Arrive one hour prior for the CO2 and Profound.  

    Alternatively, you can come by the clinic up to 5 days before your laser treatment to pick up numbing cream and numb yourself before your appointment. For Profound and CO2, you will need a pre-op appointment to take photos, get your numbing cream to put on before you get to your appointment, and answer any last-minute questions. 

    Arrive 30 minutes early for Ativan RX for Profound or CO2. (*We do not typically numb for IPL, laser hair removal, yag, vascular laser, or gentlemax pro)

    What is the recovery time after laser?

    You can find pre and post-care instructions here. Each laser varies individually.


    How long does Sculptra last?

    Sculptra can last up to 1-2 years. Most patients need 1-2 vials per visit, usually done in a series of 2-3 sessions every 4-6 weeks.

    What are Exosomes?

    Exosomes are released from stem cells and have hundreds of growth factors and proteins for skin healing and rejuvenation/regeneration. Exosome therapy assists in increasing skin elasticity and collagen to promote firmness and smoothness. They trigger the repair of fine lines, wrinkles, and areas of damaged texture. Exosomes can improve acne, sagging skin, enlarged pores, scaring, and uneven tone and have often been shown to increase volume in hollowed portions of the face due to aging. Injectable exosomes can be used in place of filler or as a combo therapy. Topically we can apply them to increase healing and reduce downtime post laser.

    Where can I find more information on Exosomes?

    Our clinic offers the XoGlo injectable and topical Vive. You can visit the websites to learn more about the products. https://kimeralabs.com/ https://kimeravive.com/

    What are the pregnancy and breastfeeding protocols?

    There are no safety studies on our treatments and some skincare products for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Therefore, we do not recommend our services until after the pregnancy and breastfeeding have stopped.



      Who do I contact for billing questions?

      For all billing questions, please email finance@beyouthful.com

      Do we accept Alle/Brilliant Distinctions/Aspire rewards?

      Yes. Please sign up for rewards before your appointment.



      Do we accept Care Credit?

      Yes, we offer the 6-month financing option.


      Who should I contact if I can’t log into my Alle or Aspire account?

      Please call the customer service department for each program.

      Alle 1-888-912-1572

      Aspire Rewards 844-527-7473


      How does the BYM Loyalty Program work?

      Patients earn loyalty points on all treatments; skincare is excluded. Points are earned based on how much you spend. Example: spend $250 earn $10; spend $500 earn $20.

      Patients can redeem points 2-4 weeks after accrued and can only redeem on services.

      Points EXPIRE at four months. Patients will get a 30-day reminder before expiry.

      How does the Friend 2 Friend Referral Program work?

      Existing patients can share their unique code with new patients to use when booking their treatments online. The referral code is in the app or the online booking site once the patient has logged into their account under the Friend 2 Friend Referral Program tab.

      The new patient MUST use the code when booking the first appointment and create a BYM account. Once the new patient COMPLETES their treatment, both patients will get $20 deposited into their account within 24-48 hours.

      How does the EmSculpt membership work?

      Patients can sign up for the EmScupt membership by signing the agreement form and paying a $150 annual fee. This locks in your price of $275 per treatment for the year. You get one free treatment for arms when you sign up.

      Cancel anytime with no penalties. Your card will be charged the annual fee automatically. Sign up using the link: https://beyouthful.zenoti.com/webstoreNew/sales/membership/0223ce58-8159-4dca-9d36-6e12c5b7b79b

      What laser packages do you offer?

      Buy a package of four and get the fifth laser free (save $450-$600). Packages apply to Sublative, IPL, YAG, Vivace, and Clear and Brilliant.

      What filler packages do you offer?

      3 syringe: $1650 (save $600) buy 2 get 3rd discounted

      5 syringe: $2500 (save $1,200) buy 3 get 2 discounted

      8 syringe: $3,300 (save $2,500) buy 4 get 4 discounted

      10 syringe: $4,800 (save $2,450) buy 5 get 5 discounted 

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