Wash Your Face? Is it A Big Deal?

Since we were pre-teens, we’ve been washing our face before bed…maybe…for the most part, we do it. If we’re honest, there are many times when washing our face seems like such a chore. Even with the best intentions, there are nights when we are so tired taking even 2 minutes to wash our face is just one more step between us and our fluffy pillow. 

So is it a huge deal to wash our face? Well, as we’ve all heard and probably read, washing your face each night removes dirt, oil, and makeup. That nasty combination sitting on your skin can cause havoc. Blackheads, breakouts, and even dry, uneven skin can occur when you don’t wash your face. Even if you’re not big on makeup, your face still is “dirty” with oil and dirt. That’s because you still have oils, sweat, and dead skin cells on your face every day. YUCK! 

Without a fresh, clean face, all the skincare you use may not get the results you’re looking for because it can’t penetrate your skin. All that product and work to look your best, and it may not even get through all your dead skin cells. What a waste! 

Fix Your Nightly Routine

When time is tight, and you’re exhausted from the day, here are some tips for cleaning your face and preparing for bed. 

  1. Pick a face wash that smells and feels great. Consider grabbing two bottles of your favorite face wash and keeping one in the shower and one by your sink, so if you shower at the end of the day or doing a quick face wash, you’re not tempted to skip. 
  2. Don’t forget your neck! Often we lather up our faces, but although you may not get zits on your neck, it’s just as dirty. Suds it up, too, so you feel fresh and clean.
  3. Put a clean towel by your sink, and change it out often. After you’ve washed your face, grabbing a clean towel to dry it off makes you feel much better. 

Of course, there are other things you can do after you’ve gotten rid of the dirt, oil, and makeup from the day, but at a bare minimum, sudsing up before bed will help you feel great. 

Stop skipping your nightly face-washing routine. Grab your favorite cleanser and set yourself up for clean, healthy skin that looks radiant and feels great!