Why We Put Filler In Cheeks

Lower face aging is a symptom of midface volume and bone loss. Most patients come to us complaining about saggy jowls and lines/folds around the mouth. We could fill the lower face, but that wouldn’t fix the problem or give you an aesthetically pleasing look. Instead, we usually start with filler in the cheek area and then work our way down. 

How To Know if You Need Midface Filler?

  • You have under-eye hollows and bags
  • Deep cheek lines around your eyes when you smile
  • Flat cheeks and heaviness, mainly on the lower face

What Will Mid-Face Filler Do For You?

  • Restore curves and contour to the cheek area
  • Soften under-eye hollows and bags
  • Reduce the look of smile lines

More Facts About Midface Filler

  • Usually need 1 or more syringes per cheek
  • Immediate results
  • Mild pain- topical numbing applied
  • Can last longer than lower face filler- 12 months or longer
  • Mild to moderate downtime- bruising, swelling, soreness, tenderness for up to 2 weeks

Remember, we want to approach your face holistically, not just fill it because there is a line. We will work with you on a treatment plan to get you to your goals. Our filler packages offer multiple syringes at a discount to ensure you get the right amount of filler to see a result. Book your filler appointment in Rocklin, Sacramento, Alamo, and Grass Valley clinics so you can look and feel great!