💧Is Your Botox Watered Down?

Have you wondered about this in your aesthetic clinic? If you think yes…RUN 👟 away! 

Why? Because you don’t trust them! If you can’t trust their product, can you trust them to put needles in your face and near your eyes that can cause bodily injury? That would be psychosis. 

Are they watering the product down to get a higher profit in the short term for the long-term loss of losing clients? Possibly and at the same time, they would commit business suicide. 

You might also consider if you tend to run from clinic to clinic, its time to start looking in the mirror and ask yourself:  

Am I the right candidate? 

Am I getting the recommended dose? 

Are my expectations realistic?

Have I neglected myself so long that it’s going to take just as long to repair?

Sometimes you aren’t a good fit for certain places, and I can almost guarantee you are not a good fit for them either, and that’s ok! When a vegan poo-poos a steakhouse, it may be the wrong person in the wrong place. 

We all want the same thing-our hard-earned money to produce results. Those results are only made on a foundation of trust, whether softened lines, a smoother forehead or a boost of confidence.