🗓How Long Does Botox Take To Work?

Botox takes ten to fourteen days to work. Sometimes, one part of the face will kick in sooner than another, which is why we don’t like to make modifications or tweaks until the two-week mark. This is because sometimes, one side of the face will kick in sooner than the other side, and we don’t want to correct one side before it takes effect. Once it’s clear that there’s a little tweaking that needs to be made, such as a spock brow or increased relaxation, then we can make those modifications after two to three weeks.

Once Botox takes full effect at the two weeks, remember it is slowly wearing off, so to come in for a tweak at four to six weeks after your initial injection is too late! Remember, it’s already wearing off at that point. Some people are super responders to Botox and can see the effects as soon as three to five days, although this is not a common occurrence and may be more psychological for some people who leave the office and say they see the difference right away. Other neuromodulators seem to kick in sooner and are probably our treatment of choice if and when an important event is approaching.