Botox Clinic Day Membership 2023

Our goal is to deliver excellent Botox results, which requires consistency. Ideally, you have a Botox treatment 3-4 times (at minimum) per year. We want this to be doable for you and your budget.

It’s hard to make significant strides in your aesthetic plan if you’re hopping all over the place. We are launching a Botox Clinic membership to lock in your price (on Botox clinic days only) for the year and get people loyal to one location. We value and reward loyalty in our clinic. We believe this will serve both well and optimize your long-term aesthetic goals. 

NEW Botox Clinic Days 2023
Rocklin- Tuesdays 9-6:30
Sacramento- Mondays 9-6:30
Alamo- Wednesdays 10-6
Grass Valley- Wednesdays, 9-5 

*Note- Botox Clinic Day Membership can only be purchased in the clinic.