How Much Filler Do You Need?

When you need to perk up your lips or add some volume to your face as you age, filler is a non-surgical way to get a little lift and reverse the signs of aging. Filler is one of the most asked-about procedures we offer, and many of our patients have lots of questions about how much they need, how long it will last, and when they need to start investing in filler to keep their youthful glow.

We know you have many questions about filler and want to enhance your beauty without worries; you’ll be overfilled or look like the Cat Lady. 

We usually recommend one syringe per decade of your life. So if you’re in your 40s, 4 syringes. Suppose you’re in your 60s, 6 syringes. If this sounds like a lot to you, remember that if the filler is placed correctly and thoughtfully, it will still be a subtle result – those close to you may notice a difference, but the whole world will not.

Since many of our patients need multiple syringes of filler to get a subtle yet balanced result, we offer filler in packages at a discount of 3, 5, 8, and 10 syringes. While this may sound intimidating, keep in mind that each syringe is only ⅕ of a teaspoon or the size of a blueberry! 

 What can you expect from your filler?

Filler will give you immediate results! At first, some bruising and swelling may occur. After two to four weeks, the filler will fully integrate into your skin, and you will see the final product. Some of the initial results are from the swelling, so if you love the “swollen look,” you may want to do more the next time! 

 How long will my results last?

Filler is a band-aid, not curative. We generally recommend annual touchups. The initial investment can be significant, but eventually, you settle into maintenance mode when you find the look you want. 

 Where do we put the filler?

This answer depends on areas of your face where we determine you may need a little extra volume. Typically areas include the mid-cheek, under-eye, lips, nasolabial fold, chin, and jawline. Your injector will do a full assessment to determine where to inject and how much filler will be used in each area.   

Another thing to remember is that not all fillers are created equally. Trust your injector to pick the right product for you. We don’t do a cookie-cutter approach or choose a filler based on a sale. If you have an injector you trust – trust the process! A great injector can help determine in a consultation how many syringes you need and what minor tweaks will be best to have you go from good to fabulous!

Filler is a beautiful treatment to help your skin keep its youthful look by adding volume in the right places. If you want to know how much filler is needed, schedule a consultation with our Be You Team to look and feel your best.