What is Microtox?

Your Botox should be customized just for YOU! There are standards for injecting Botox, but the truth is that every single time there should be an individualized clinical assessment and determination of your dose and distribution before your treatment. That’s where microtox comes into play.

Often, we have some areas around our crow’s feet that are stubborn! The standard way to treat that area is three or four injection points. Microtox is where we put tiny blebs of Botox throughout the crow’s feet area. It even includes the jelly roll under the eye to help with creepiness and wrinkles under the eye.

When I started Botox, I noticed that I would relax the outer side of my eyes, but underneath, the eyelid would begin to gather and wrinkle. This was because we weren’t treating that area with Botox, and if something is relaxed, something else has to give and takes full force-or gather with wrinkles. So treating the whole area with lots of little blebs of medication gives a relaxed look to the entirety of the eye.

Microtox is one of the techniques we use to give you the most beautiful aesthetic result that you are looking for. Remember that you want your injector to take a customized approach for you. We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure you get the best results. We have clinics throughout Northern California to keep you looking and feeling great! Book your Botox appointment today at our Rocklin, Sacramento, Alamo, or Grass Valley clinic.